From Closet to Closet Studio


I am so excited! My first ever full Album – “The Start” was released on Friday, May 28th and now I can start focusing recording my Christmas Album – “Christmas is Coming”! But the stark difference in what you’ll hear is that The Start was entirely recorded in my car! Yes, with an Akai MK3 mini and a USB microphone on my Acer Laptop. With the help of some awesome plugins on my Mixcraft9 DAW i was able to recreate the sound of an acoustic guitar. But with my Christmas Album, I want to give it something a little more special, so I’m going to do all the vocals in my Closet Studio! Which I wrote about here.

My hubby FINALLY ordered his standing desk and this weekend I’m moving in to my old Desk and it’s going in the closet! And yes, my clothes will still be in there so I need to get organized! Here’s what I’m going to be ordering from AMAZON!:

To Give myself Positive Vibes!

I really want to have a felt letter board so I can put up encouraging and humorous phrases to brighten my day, quotes like,

And then there’s the clothes! I have a lot of clothes, so I need to save space. earlier this year I did a HUGE closet refresh where I gave away TONS of clothes I haven’t worn in years, sized out of or just plain didn’t like! In January I watched a video by Clutterbug on YouTube and she said, “Only keep the clothes that you feel good in now”. So I did and man it felt great! If I’m being honest I really want to make my way to having a minimalist closet

Amazing Space Saving Hangars! MUST HAVE
I need to have more shelves and storage, so I’m getting these!

Okay, so no that we have dealt with the clothing and accessories, it’s time to build out my STUDIO! I’m going to need Studio Monitors for one thing! I’ve never owned theses – and every time I’ve researched DIY home studio, home studios, mobile studios the number one thing everyone keeps mentioning is monitors! so, this is will be my First Purchase once the desk is actually in my closet! I plan to start off with an entry level, budget friendly option and get these PreSonos monitors:

Studio Speakers/Monitors

And…because I live in a condo and I have neighbors, I’m need to start SOUNDPROOFING the area! yes, the clothes will help but I’m going to need some foam for the monitors and then I’m going to need some of the Bass Traps for the corners of the closet that are part of the shared wall.

I currently have a fantastic microphone that I love, but after reading reviews and watching tutorials, I think I’m going to upgrade to the Audio-Technica Condenser microphone

This shall be be my NEW microphone

Now that I am becoming my own producer and need to be able to not only record music but to mix and master it, I’m gonna need some more space for all those Plugins and VSTs! This External SSD Drive, it’s 1 TB, cute, portable and highly reviewed!

So what do you think? Am I missing anything for my home recording studio? let me know! I’ll take pictures of before and after and let you guys see what all this gear looks like once it’s complete! I cannot wait!

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**Please note these are all amazon affiliate links and Yes I have purchased 90% of these products already!

Closet Office / Recording Studio


I am so excited! Let me tell you why. I am finally getting my desk back! I gave my husband my desk in exchange for the dining table (which he was using for a desk) a few years ago. It was a good trade I was tired of eating dinner on the couch and with 2 kids, we needed to teach them some sort of table manners. But now, I will be needing a place where I can work from home and also record music. For weeks of talking and discussing the location, challenges, sizing and all the things, we came to an agreement. My husband gets a stand up desk and I get my old desk back!

I will be placing the desk in our walk in closet mind you, it’s long and thin….so not ideal, but workable! I am considering painting white – it’s currently black… I want to brighten it up and jazz it up. Any tips? I’ll be using Chalk paint – I hear that’s the best! Here are the items I’m going to be buying or have already bought for my future Desk and Recording Studio.

(*these are affiliate links)

This isn’t my exact desk, but it’s pretty similar! 😀
Paper filer for the desk – ’cause it’s pretty!
Ergonomics baby!
Gotta keep that wood save from scuffs!
Perfect for phone calls, Marco Polo calls, Zoom and all those other video meetings
I hydrate all day long with amazing Water bottle! I love it!
My Gaming Laptop – this is at an amazing price and it works like a dream! The speaker lack….so that’s why I have headhphones
My Budget Friendly AMAZING condenser Microphone!
I love these Budget friendly headphones, you’re going to love them too!!!
My Cheap Audio Interface – Soon to upgrade!
Memory, Memory, Memory! Gotta save those files on something hefty!
This is my sleek, slender, beautiful Bluetooth Mouse – um, I LOVE IT!
What is life without a bit of color? I cannot live without my Gen pens!
My Mini Beat maker – the Akai MK3 – I recorded 3 out of 5 of my songs from my album The Start on this little guy!
Since I record in my car, it was important for me to keep my Akai safe during transport!
I’m on year 2 of my Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal!
I always have a spiral notebook on hand for my furious notetaking
I love Postit Arrows!!

Well, that about does it! Feel free to click the links and see how budget friendly and amazing my purchases are!