Day 1 – EPP Sew Along


Today is the day we start my EPP sew along to make 1 English Paper Pieced hexagon flower and applique it onto a canvas pocket for a tote bag! I created this sew along to help YOU, beginner sewers, new sewers and seasoned sewers!

Every part of the sew along is Beginner friendly.

I want to encourage you to give it a try and when you sign for my Sew Along I will send you the pattern FOR FREE! Yep! Free. So… Sign up.

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EPP Mother’s day Sew Along


Hello faithful readers! Thank you so much for being here. I am excited to announce that I am launching a English paper piecing so long where we are going to do one English paper piece hexagon flower and then put it on a pocket and make it into a tote bag to give us a gift to any mother this mother’s Day.

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Happy sewing!

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February is for Doers


With the New Year of 2022 coming in so many dreams were made and we started thinking about all the things we wanted to get out of the new year. And then I came across the phrase or the quote that just inspired me “January is for Dreamers, February is for Doers”. So, with all the coffee that I consume, I needed to remind myself that I still can work on that dream, this February, I’m gonna DO! And you can too. Buy yourself a Coffee Mug from my Etsy Shop!

Dreaming of Summer


Now that Christmas is behind us, all I can think about is, “Where do I want to go this Summer?” and so I put together all the things I have and want in my Amazon shop! I want to share these with you so that you too can get set up and prepared for an epic summer!

Behind the Song Part 1


Behind the Song: Magic of Santa

Now Streaming EVERYWHERE!

I set out to write a song about Santa and his magic. My coworker, Krystal, at the time told me that if I wrote a song called Santa’s Magic it sounded dirty. I was shocked, and appalled and immediately agreed. So later that day I came home from work and sat on my couch with my guitar. Within 30 minutes I had the song called, Magic of Santa. What may surprise you, is I wrote this song in 2017!!!! Why did it take 4 years to release it? Great question. I wanted to give this song justice and I wanted to have a studio recording of it, not my home computer and closet “studio” of my <$100 microphone.

So in 2019 I set out to become debt free! As of October 2021 – my only debt is my mortgage!!!! WOOHOO. All that money that I was using to pay off my debt, I was able to afford a studio recording with a professional engineer.

I love Santa and, yes I still believe!

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