Let’s Talk Christmas songs


Thank you for stopping by! Have you listened to my most recent podcast episode where I go on a rant about Carrie Underwood’s new Christmas album and how she just sang over 30 PUBLIC DOMAIN Christmas songs! I mean give me a break!

Here’s the screenshot from Spotify! 31 songs!!!! WTF

I cannot believe that this is almost 2 hours of her singing just generic Christmas songs! Such a disappointment from such a fantastic singer and artist.

In other news stay on pins and needles for one day I will record vocals for my song The Magic with Santa, Packages and Presents, and Christmas is Coming.

They must have paid a boatload to put advertisements on Spotify to listen to her new album.

Head over to my Spotify playlist “my kind of Christmas”

Enjoy the sounds of multiple artists singing a variety of Christmas songs that you’re not sick of well maybe you might be sick of some.and enjoy the sounds of multiple artists singing a variety of Christmas songs that you’re not sick of

well maybe you might be sick of some.

My Top 5 Amazon Products

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Part of my Daily Routine includes some amazing products that are great and affordable from Amazon! Here are my Top 5 Products I ALWAYS use!

My sister got this for me for Christmas and it LEGIT – CHANGED MY LIFE! On Wash My hair Days – I use this amazing hairstyling brush combo and my hair gets dry and styled in 5-7 minutes! a HUGE time saver and my Husband compliments me on my hair almost EVERY time I use it! This Revlon one is only $36 – A STEAL and well worth it! Check out my YouTube Video and watch me use it!

I use a Phillips SonicCare toothbrush as directed by my Dentist and Dental Hygienist. It is an AMAZING Toothbrush. Although, it is pricey – my teeth and gums say they’re worth it! You can get this one for $40 by clicking the image! There are so many interchangeable brush heads to fit your hygiene needs. These replacement brush heads are only $34

If you’re coming from YouTube Vlog or if you’re just now finding this, check out Crest’s White Strips! OMG, they whitened my Teeth within an hour and it was so noticeable and worth it! You’ve got to get your hands this! It only cost me $60! Or maybe you just need the strips! Click the image you’ll get 44 of these for $45!

I use a make-up sponge every day to put on my foundation and concealer. These Beakey make-up sponges are very much like Real Techniques and work great! click on the image and get yours for $9!

And No Day is complete with washing off your makeup! I use either these make-up removing wipes for only $9 or

My other Daily Skin Care products are from ORIGINS – and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

These are Affiliate links

This week on The Melanie Grace…


Why hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by my website. you may have found yourself here by clicking the link for my podcast or my YouTube or my Instagram. But I am so glad you’re here no matter what. on this week’s episode of the Melanie Gray show that was released early this morning at 7:00 a.m. I talk about why December was emotionally hard for me and why 2020 has already set itself up to be a stressful year for me.

It’s crazy for me to think that I was looking forward to 2020 as a new decade as the best decade yet only to have things get rattled for me in front of my face. two weeks before Christmas I got in a car accident was rear-ended by someone going about 30 miles an hour. I got whiplash and I’m okay. But it was still alarming and a major inconvenience. The following week my oldest son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. then the next week was Christmas and then it was New year’s and then I was sick and here we are.

I find that since the beginning of the year or really since the doctor sat us down and told us about this new diagnosis I’ve been having out of body experiences. I can’t believe this is happening to me I don’t know who I am right now like this is turning into such a chaotic crazy time in my life and looking forward into the future all I see are dollar bills leaving my bank account to Ford for everything.

It’s ironic to me that I’m writing this blog post 12 hours after the podcast was released but I just came out of the orientation for the ABA or applied behavioral analysis. The kind gentleman who gave the presentation told us in a very loving way that what is coming ahead of us is going to be hard it’s going to be complicated but eventually it will be become our new normal. And he said that going into ABA therapy is basically going to cause us to have an entire lifestyle change. I had no idea entering into 2020 or this new decade of my life that my lifestyle would be so radically rocked. Having kids radically changed my life but this again is going to radically change all of ours.

I ask my only ask really is that you listen to my podcast you hear my voice. My hope in my dreams is to one day own my own business stop working for the man and to make enough money that I can support myself and my children. I really want to attend mops meetings.

Next week on the Melanie Gray show podcast I think I’ll talk about things in a lighter sense. Next Saturday January 25th I’m attending my first quilt show and I am extremely excited about it! February is right around the corner with Valentine’s day and my little sisters turning 30! And that means I just got a whole lot older.

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Well, here we are in the year 2020! Our own Roaring Twenties! on Tuesday, I released Episode 10 of The Melanie Grace show!

I talked all about how my Christmas was and how I am planning for the New Year, the New Decade! Take a Listen!

In keeping up with my New Years Goals and Dreams for myself and my family, I have a HUGE RIDICULOUS STRETCH GOAL I want to achieve!

I want to make an EXTRA $2,020 every month this Year! This would help me Pay OFF Debt, Pay for my Son’s Speech Therapy and his ABA Therapy. This will allow my hubby and I to go out ON A DATE! what??? If you have any interest in supporting my dreams, and yes – I have many of them, I have set up a Patreon Page for you if you feel so inclined. You can start support at $1 a month! 🙂 Give it a try.

Cheers to the new year!

The Melanie Grace show

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Episode 4 of y podcast, I talk about self care… Like the legit real deal self care I do sets me up for a better day than it would be without it.

I view stupid self care as something my present self does my future self. No one knows me better than myself so I have know my own needs so I can take CARE of MYSELF. I end my days with flossing and brushing my teeth (with Pronamel) then I wash the make up of my face and I’m loving using the Make Up Eraser – SO SOFT on my face! I use some facial toner then put on some face lotion. I take out and toss out my daily contacts, put my glasses on, take my anti-depressant pill and hit the hay.

When I start the day, I love to put a few drops of AWAKE essential oils from Grove Collaborative.

I wake up to a soft alarm at 5am and hop right in the shower. I don’t mention this in the podcast, but… I should have! I love to drop in a few drops of essential oils right when I’m about to get in the hot water. I’ve been using the blend Awake from Grove Collaborative and I LOVE it! It makes me feel calm and at ease – highly recommend!!!! Once I’m in the shower I use a wonderfully delicious body wash that I got in one of my FabFitFun boxes – it smells so good and makes my skin feel amazing. Oh – and I use a $1 loofa!!!