Melanie Grace

Hi! I’m Melanie Grace, I’m a Musician, Singer-Songwriter. I am a mother of 2 boys. I am a Quilter, a Sewist and Bag-Maker. I am a Full Time Retention Specialist working from Home.

You can find my music on any streaming sites!

I will be having Online Courses for EPP and Quilting with Rulers

I am a Retention Specialist in SaaS, I will have an Online Course about Showing Up Remotely and Three Things: Getting Productive!

As a Southern Californian native – I only know hot summers, warm winters and awesome springs, but fall has always been my favorite. Since being a young girl, I have dreamed of being a musician, more really – I wanted to be a ROCKSTAR! But now, I’ll settle for Making a Living with my music!

I am in my Thirties – you don’t NEED to know my exact age, do you? I have 2 boys and they are my world!

I help busy moms and creative people go from, “that’s too hard” or “I can’t do that” to “you must try first” and “but, of course, you can!” so that they can engage their inner creative self and find a fun outlet with a new hobby.

Everywhere on social media @TheMelanieGrace