My First and Last Craft Faire

Home Decor

Yesterday was Claremont, CA annual Village Venture. It’s a fun craft fair with pumpkin carving contests, a costume parade and amazing food.

My mother-in-law asked me earlier this this year if I wanted to join her. She is a seasoned craft faire vendor and my Etsy shop wasn’t selling so I said, “okay, why not.”

Lately I have fallen in love with quilting. As you may have seen from my Instagram, I have made 7 quilts so far this year and 2 quilt tops that need to be quilted.

With working 40+ hours and being a mom of 2 young ones, I decided to spend what little time I had piecing fabrics together for my next quilt instead of doing macrame.

I’m not sure if I had more inventory if it would’ve helped.

I shared a tent with my mother-in-law and I had a small table with my macrame items for sale:

As you can see form the first photo we didn’t have the best spot…. We were the last booth on the least frequented street … out of 300 vendors.

My mother-in-law filed out the tent with all of her amazing and creative hand sewn and painted home decor and crafts:

After 3 hours of people stopping in and buying my mother-in-law’s creations and no one looking at mine, I decided, to call it.

We have 2 completely different customers and those shopping for sewn home decor is not the same that is going to buy a macrame wall hanging.

My mom was bringing my kids to the event soon so I began to pack up. I left a few larger macrame items in the tent I hopes someone might say, “my niece would like that.” My mom, sister, kids and I walked the fair, ate some food and bought some early Christmas presents for the kids. And that was that

I don’t regret going. Because I can tell you now, I am not a craft fair vendor kind of girl.

I still have TONS of macrame available to sell if you’re interested. Let know what you want:

Flower D-clip

Straight D-clip

Twisted D-clip

Mini wall-hanging

Small wall-hanging

Medium wall-hanging

Large wall-hanging

Extra-large wall-hanging

Comment below!!

Yes my booth was right next to the port-a-pottys

Custom bags that never got used

The EN Studio

The EN Studio

In 2015 I had a dream. I sat on that dream, I dreamed about the dream, I soft launched the dream, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t know how to do it, but I just jumped in and tried it. It didn’t work. But the dream has never left me and I have a new burning desire to start it back up and do it right this time.

I will be launching The EN Studio by Melanie Grace.

I have spent some time redoing my social media posts that were orginally linked to the old The EN Studio website, and updated them with – where you find yourself now!

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The Power of EN

We have named The EN Studio in order to set us up to help you and grow with you.  The EN stands for the three main words to assist with Self Care.  Those words you have seen in our main logo and everywhere, they are:  Engage, Encourage, Enhance.  Upon initial research we found so many amazingly encouraging words begin with the letters EN, which made it hard to narrow them down to our mission.  After lots of thoughts and discussions these three made the most sense.  Below are the actual definitions of the words as found from


Definition:  To occupy the attention or efforts of (a person or persons)


Definition:  To inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence


Definition:  To raise to a higher degree; intensify; magnify

The Power of Engagement.  Engaging yourself into this community of like-minded individuals who want to cheer each other and be cheered on.  Being engaged is being fully present, fully aware and fully intentional.  The EN Studio wants to Engage with you as you Engage with others.

The Power of Encouragement.  Encouragement is something that you both give and receive.  Encouragement is given without any expectations.  encouragement is your support, your cheerleader.  It is both an action and meaning; a gift.  The EN Studio is here to give you that encouragement, give you that high-five, give you the “ada girl” and the fist bump.  We are here to encourage you as you go and encourage others.

The Power of Enhancement.  Enhancement is fine tuning, it is to improve upon, to increase, to make better.  Enhancement comes through engagement with others and an encouraging community.  We are all together designed to be with one an other and share our lives.  The EN Studio is here to enhance your life as you enhance others’ lives.


If you haven’t guessed it already:

The Power of EN is the Power of You!

Learn More About How You Can Engage with this Community, Encourage Each Other and Enhance Your Life!  … Coming Soon