Closet Office / Recording Studio


I am so excited! Let me tell you why. I am finally getting my desk back! I gave my husband my desk in exchange for the dining table (which he was using for a desk) a few years ago. It was a good trade I was tired of eating dinner on the couch and with 2 kids, we needed to teach them some sort of table manners. But now, I will be needing a place where I can work from home and also record music. For weeks of talking and discussing the location, challenges, sizing and all the things, we came to an agreement. My husband gets a stand up desk and I get my old desk back!

I will be placing the desk in our walk in closet mind you, it’s long and thin….so not ideal, but workable! I am considering painting white – it’s currently black… I want to brighten it up and jazz it up. Any tips? I’ll be using Chalk paint – I hear that’s the best! Here are the items I’m going to be buying or have already bought for my future Desk and Recording Studio.

(*these are affiliate links)

This isn’t my exact desk, but it’s pretty similar! 😀
Paper filer for the desk – ’cause it’s pretty!
Ergonomics baby!
Gotta keep that wood save from scuffs!
Perfect for phone calls, Marco Polo calls, Zoom and all those other video meetings
I hydrate all day long with amazing Water bottle! I love it!
My Gaming Laptop – this is at an amazing price and it works like a dream! The speaker lack….so that’s why I have headhphones
My Budget Friendly AMAZING condenser Microphone!
I love these Budget friendly headphones, you’re going to love them too!!!
My Cheap Audio Interface – Soon to upgrade!
Memory, Memory, Memory! Gotta save those files on something hefty!
This is my sleek, slender, beautiful Bluetooth Mouse – um, I LOVE IT!
What is life without a bit of color? I cannot live without my Gen pens!
My Mini Beat maker – the Akai MK3 – I recorded 3 out of 5 of my songs from my album The Start on this little guy!
Since I record in my car, it was important for me to keep my Akai safe during transport!
I’m on year 2 of my Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal!
I always have a spiral notebook on hand for my furious notetaking
I love Postit Arrows!!

Well, that about does it! Feel free to click the links and see how budget friendly and amazing my purchases are!

My Amazon Wardrobe!


It has occured to me recently that I bought 90% of my latest wardrobe from Amazon! The Amazon Fashion has really stepped up it’s game and I have been loving it!

Over the summer of 2020, I was furloughed from work and without a job to go to and dress up for, I came to the relization that I had fancy clothes for the office and a few “casual” shirts for the weekends. But since I was no longer working and have 3 young kids – I NEEDED casual clothes! So I bought a few to make me look stylish!

All these shirts/blouses are all UNDER $20 each!!!!!! I ordered a Large in all of them to they fit a little relaxed so I would be more comfortable and all of them were perfect!

Happy Shopping!