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My First and Last Craft Faire


Yesterday was Claremont, CA annual Village Venture. It’s a fun craft fair with pumpkin carving contests, a costume parade and amazing food.

My mother-in-law asked me earlier this this year if I wanted to join her. She is a seasoned craft faire vendor and my Etsy shop wasn’t selling so I said, “okay, why not.”

Lately I have fallen in love with quilting. As you may have seen from my Instagram, I have made 7 quilts so far this year and 2 quilt tops that need to be quilted.

With working 40+ hours and being a mom of 2 young ones, I decided to spend what little time I had piecing fabrics together for my next quilt instead of doing macrame.

I’m not sure if I had more inventory if it would’ve helped.

I shared a tent with my mother-in-law and I had a small table with my macrame items for sale:

As you can see form the first photo we didn’t have the best spot…. We were the last booth on the least frequented street … out of 300 vendors.

My mother-in-law filed out the tent with all of her amazing and creative hand sewn and painted home decor and crafts:

After 3 hours of people stopping in and buying my mother-in-law’s creations and no one looking at mine, I decided, to call it.

We have 2 completely different customers and those shopping for sewn home decor is not the same that is going to buy a macrame wall hanging.

My mom was bringing my kids to the event soon so I began to pack up. I left a few larger macrame items in the tent I hopes someone might say, “my niece would like that.” My mom, sister, kids and I walked the fair, ate some food and bought some early Christmas presents for the kids. And that was that

I don’t regret going. Because I can tell you now, I am not a craft fair vendor kind of girl.

I still have TONS of macrame available to sell if you’re interested. Let know what you want:

Flower D-clip

Straight D-clip

Twisted D-clip

Mini wall-hanging

Small wall-hanging

Medium wall-hanging

Large wall-hanging

Extra-large wall-hanging

Comment below!!

Yes my booth was right next to the port-a-pottys

Custom bags that never got used

Mother of 2 under 2


Wow!  It’s already April!?  I can barely believe it.  If you’ve been following me on social media you may be aware that I was pregnant with baby #2 . Well on March 19th I brought my second son into the world.  Life had been pretty crazy and chaotic but I’m slowly getting back to an order that will keep my music dreams afloat.


Stay tuned!

Singing in the Car


Even though I have stopped performing Driving Around Karaoke, I still sing in my car.  Go figure, right?  If you tune in to Instagram around 4:15pm PST I tend to go LIVE every Wednesday or Friday!  I talk to my viewers and provide status updates on my projects and I throw in at least 2 random songs from the 90’s and I sing to it hoping I know the words.

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Goodbye Driving Around Karaoke


Here it is folks, a sad goodbye to Driving Around Karaoke.


I have performed Driving Around Karaoke since December 2013 that debuted with my cover of “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” and I have enjoyed it so much.  However, since 4 years ago so much in my life has happened and I am a changing woman.  I still sing in my car, but I find that I struggle the time to film, edit, post and schedule all the associated posts on social media.  I have a full time day job, a 16 month old toddler and I’m 7 months pregnant.  So as you can image my life is pretty full.

I can no longer put forth the time and energy into Driving Around Karaoke that it deserves.  For that, I am sorry.  However:

I will putting my focus into building my music skills and preparing for the recording of my Christmas Album which will be released this November 2018.  My Christmas album will have about 5-7 original Christmas songs that I’ve written and recorded with the help of some musicians and mixers.  I encourage you to sign up for mailing list for updates on the album AND – get a free song download today!

Driving Around Karaoke built my YouTube subscribers to over 100, which is amazing!  I hope to continue to provide content and keep everyone engaged!

Looking back through the years, My most popular Driving Around Karaoke video was, “Baby Got Back” closely followed by: “Rappers Delight” and “I Put a Spell on You“.  My most popular Genre Weeks were:  Michael Jackson Week, Fight Week , Rap Week and you can always visit my Halloween Songs and my Holiday Songs.

Thank you for always watching my videos and stay tuned for my original music!

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