Dreaming of Summer


Now that Christmas is behind us, all I can think about is, “Where do I want to go this Summer?” and so I put together all the things I have and want in my Amazon shop! I want to share these with you so that you too can get set up and prepared for an epic summer!

Amazon Prime Day


Okay Okay – I had to! I have been on Amazon for the past 24 hours and I cannot tell you how excited I am for my purchases! I set up Thursday, June 24th as my Prime Delivery Day and I am so excited. Are you an Amazon Prime member yet? If not – you need to be! It’s my favorite thing in the world. Here are the images and links to my orders, click on them if you want to order them yourself!

I needed to clear off my bathroom counter and this is what I ordered! a 3-tier Organizer!

Soooo… What are you going to buy? What did you order? Did I buy too much? Nah! 😀 Get yourself Amazon Prime today!