I am so excited! Let me tell you why. I am finally getting my desk back! I gave my husband my desk in exchange for the dining table (which he was using for a desk) a few years ago. It was a good trade I was tired of eating dinner on the couch and with 2 kids, we needed to teach them some sort of table manners. But now, I will be needing a place where I can work from home and also record music. For weeks of talking and discussing the location, challenges, sizing and all the things, we came to an agreement. My husband gets a stand up desk and I get my old desk back!

I will be placing the desk in our walk in closet mind you, it’s long and thin….so not ideal, but workable! I am considering painting white – it’s currently black… I want to brighten it up and jazz it up. Any tips? I’ll be using Chalk paint – I hear that’s the best! Here are the items I’m going to be buying or have already bought for my future Desk and Recording Studio.

(*these are affiliate links)

This isn’t my exact desk, but it’s pretty similar! 😀
Paper filer for the desk – ’cause it’s pretty!
Ergonomics baby!
Gotta keep that wood save from scuffs!
Perfect for phone calls, Marco Polo calls, Zoom and all those other video meetings
I hydrate all day long with amazing Water bottle! I love it!
My Gaming Laptop – this is at an amazing price and it works like a dream! The speaker lack….so that’s why I have headhphones
My Budget Friendly AMAZING condenser Microphone!
I love these Budget friendly headphones, you’re going to love them too!!!
My Cheap Audio Interface – Soon to upgrade!
Memory, Memory, Memory! Gotta save those files on something hefty!
This is my sleek, slender, beautiful Bluetooth Mouse – um, I LOVE IT!
What is life without a bit of color? I cannot live without my Gen pens!
My Mini Beat maker – the Akai MK3 – I recorded 3 out of 5 of my songs from my album The Start on this little guy!
Since I record in my car, it was important for me to keep my Akai safe during transport!
I’m on year 2 of my Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal!
I always have a spiral notebook on hand for my furious notetaking
I love Postit Arrows!!

Well, that about does it! Feel free to click the links and see how budget friendly and amazing my purchases are!