Day 1

My birthday is on July 31st which means for 31 days away from my big celebration! I wanted to lunch it by starting to give you 31 stock about me so you will get one fact every day about me and who I am is sure to check me out on Instagram and ask me any questions you want me to tell you any specific stocks that make you curious about who I am and what makes me, well me.

if you check out my insta story right now on July 1st, you will also find it in my highlights, my day one fact one is to tell you that I am a full-time working mother of two young boys the reason I mention my babies is because my husband and I suffered from for a little over four years. And having children was what we always wanted but never could have. Until January 2015 I discovered I was actually pregnant!

it took us a little over two years to convince our parents that we were not going to pursue any infertility treatments in order to get pregnant. My infertility specialist offered me IUI or IVF treatment in order to have children. these treatments are highly expensive and costly with absolutely no guarantee and I was unwilling to take that risk after all the suffering and emotional trauma I had been going through in the years pass. Once my family had finally understood that I was not going to have a child to their luck and to our surprise my first son was on his way.

in 2014 I wrote and self-published a book about my journey through infertility and it is available for purchase on Amazon. I invite you to buy the book it’s a very quick read and you definitely will get to know me on a very personal level on how I went through the emotions and the journey of infertility. All the pain the heartache and the struggles. if you are going through or know anybody experiencing infertility this book will help you on your journey through communication with them and how to support them and be the best friend that you can tease. Also if you’re going through infertility basically word that hug you and let you know that you are not alone and that this truly does suck.

check in tomorrow July 2nd for my second fact about myself and my 31 days 31 facts about Melanie Grace.

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