I have often been told and also agreed with people telling me that I should be a public speaker. I let the complement sink in and then I think of actually being a public speaker, and that realize it’s something I long to do.

I feel that I am now on the precipice of doing it. I have finally found the courage in me and I have been developing the idea and a plan of what I want to talk about and where I want to go with it.

As you have been following me you’ve seen me sing in my in my YouTube series “Driving Around Karaoke” to singing the national anthem at a number of events, to now crafting and quilting.

My creative journey has always been that – creative.

As I become more introspective and think about who I am and who I want to become, it has become a valuable idea to be a public speaker. I want to be on the stage and talk to women and men of all ages about infertility along with motherhood after infertility.

After writing my first book “The Reset Button – My Journey Through Infertility”, I began writing a book called “Motherhood After Infertility”. I am still in the writing stage of this book that I hope to have it finished so that I can tell this part of my journey.

I have taken the time to submit my interest in being a speaker at a number of fertility and infertility expos and conferences across the Nation. It is my sincere Hope and dream that they reach back out to me and asked me to speak. I have an important message and a heart for change.

Book me! Learn more and ask me questions.