Over the summer I celebrated my 35th birthday. WOW – I’ve been on this earth for 35 years! I almost couldn’t believe it. I still feel like I’m 24…until I meet and talk to current 24 year olds and realize, oh wait, yes, I’m much older than that.

Since my birthday, something in me changed. I thought it was fall nesting, but I find myself looking to update my home on a more constant basis. I thought I was nesting for the fall with de-cluttering my home, donating bags and bags and bags of clothes and goods to Goodwill, but to my surprise I find something else is happening inside of me.

I’m mid 30’s nesting!

What? Okay, yes, I think I just made this up. But really. I have this uneven feeling inside me that I need to be more. I feel a bit out of control and it’s nerve racking! I have begun looking around my home and thinking about all the ways I want to change and update my home. I found that I don’t have a “decor style” and everything is just a collection of items we’ve collected over the years.

Now, all I want to do is find my decor style, get rid of things that aren’t “my style” (and my hubby’s too of course), and edit my life!

I have fallen in love the farmhouse decor that is EVERYWHERE over Pinterest and Target and YouTube. It’s hard to not be drawn in by the muted colors, the imperfect items, the easy DIYs, the greenery and the simplicity. That’s what I NEED – simplicity! Over the past year I have found myself acquiring items that fit this farmhouse theme. I’m not sure I can fully commit to “farmhouse” because I live on the second floor of a condominium in the suburbs of Orange County and Los Angeles… Get what I’m saying?

My first project is my wall in my living room. Once adorned with large art with a man and woman in a bar setting (Wedding Gift Card Purchase), will now be swapped out with a farmhouse style arched window that will serve as the backdrop for wreaths and other yearly decor.

I have this long wall that leads from my front door to the kitchen and bedrooms. This wall has an extremely high vaulted ceiling (that I LOVE), but because of the height, it makes virtually impossible to paint by ourselves without the rental of scaffolding. Along this wall is a mis-match of picture frames that have pictures from my husband and I throughout the years. There are sections of matching frames, but on the whole, this looks like a cluster (you know what). SO – my DREAM for this wall is to take down everything and re-frame into matching frames and put together a purposeful Gallery Wall. I like the picture ledge from Ikea so that might work too.

The idea is to make my home look cohesive and structured so it looks like I did this on purpose. Right now it looks like, “we didn’t know what else to do, so…”

I already updated my kitchen with a wallpaper backsplash that I LOVE – video coming soon!

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