In 2013 my husband talked me into joining the NaNoWriMo November novel writing event. Ever year this site hosts a “write along” where participates write 1,000 words a day and at the end of the month – in theory – you’ve written a full book! So, now you’re probably thinking, “But Melanie, it’s 2022 – you did this 8 years ago. What gives?”. Well let me tell you….

Riley’s Heartbreak

During the Month of November 2013 my husband and I would go to a coffee house on the weekends and we both would order coffee and a pastry and write, for hours! I think back fondly to think this time, as now, we have kids and this sort of quiet time doesn’t exist any more.

Here is an Instagram post from 366 weeks ago – 7 years ago! Yes, I’ve been working on this novel – FOR A LONG TIME!

I started out writing the novel my hand. I felt that I could feel the paper more and the store more. I wrote in a Purple gel pen and I only wanted to use that, so I bought a box of refills and would just refill the pen case as i needed. In this photo I have 2 smaller notebooks along with my novel – those notebooks and sticky notes is where I would put the names of the characters and their characteristics. Also I would the ties between the stories.

Seriously – this is my life ^^^

And, well, long story short – I did not finish the Novel in 2014! In fact, I kept adding to it every single year up until this year! I finally put “the pen” down and hired someone off Fiverr to proofread, edit and rewrite some portions of the book. She did a fantastic job! She read the book in 45 minutes! I was like, “um…that took me 8 years to write, so…”

But Wait – Here’s the first post I could find at 418 weeks ago – 8 years!!!! Holy cow.

And yes see my, “PS. I only write my novel in Purple”!

So here we are in 2022 where I finalized the novel (to the best of my ability), I designed the cover myself – and formatted the book myself and self-published through KDP (Amazon).

My book is, “Riley’s Heartbreak”. It is available in hardback $19.99, paperback $14.99 and pre-sale for Kindle $9.99.

Riley’s Heartbreak Snippet

The love of friendship is often an invisible line that is rarely crossed. The pendulum of time swings back and forth with new highs and new lows that no one can anticipate.

Riley first met Logan while attending the same College. They became friends incredibly quickly after their initial meeting, it was hard to fathom. The two grew close and shared many of their young adult life events with each other that will forever be a part of them. Although Riley counted on Logan for everything she soon had her eyes fixed on a tall, handsome guy in one of her classes. His name was Robert Allen. The constant tug of war that pulled at Riley’s heart was hard for her to ignore.

I hope you’ll order yourself a copy and let me know what you think. I’m a songwriter, a singer, a musician – I write music and now I wrote a novel? I mean seriously, when will I stop? Short answer: probably never!

IF you want a SIGNED COPY – Let me know! I’ll have to order them privately to myself, sign it and mail it directly to you Price for that will be $29.99 for Hardback and $24.99 for paperback + the cost. of shipping. I will send you an invoice to pay to confirm the order.

Well that’s me! Order your copy today from Amazon – or from me and I’ll sign it in Purple ink!
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