On today’s episode of The Melanie Grace Show I talk about the week of Thanksgiving and how my sons preschool is teaching the class about thankfulness in preparation for the holiday. I started talking with my son on the way to school helping him learn more about thankfulness and starting off with saying, “I’m thankful for today….” and it grew into an idea – a challenge for YOU!


Start with what you have right now – I’m Grateful for this chair, couch cushions, blanket on you, these headphones or ear-pods…. And let the grow into more gratefulness about other things. Say them OUT LOUD! Verbal Gratefulness. Thank you for the Sun, thank for the Snow, thank you for life. Begin speaking into the universe what you’re thankful for.


Download a voice recorder App, or use the video feature on your phone and in a quite, private place and begin to speak out your Verbal Gratefulness. Let your words take you down a rabbit trail. I want you to let me know where you started – did you start with something simple, “I’m grateful for the chair I’m sitting in, I’m grateful it swivels…” and what “Ah-Ha” moment did you land on? for me it was, “I’m grateful I finally get to spend all Thanksgiving Day with my family after 10 years of splitting up the day.” Which ultimately led me to, “I’m grateful my husband and I came this decision without an argument.”

Now start writing your gratefulness journal if you want. You’re in a position for you to really feel the thankfulness inside your soul.

I want to know! head over to Instagram and Tag me @themelaniegrace with your #VerbalGratefulness #GratefulnessChallenge and let me know where you started and where you landed and what this challenge meant to you!