Episode 4 of y podcast, I talk about self care… Like the legit real deal self care I do sets me up for a better day than it would be without it.

I view stupid self care as something my present self does my future self. No one knows me better than myself so I have know my own needs so I can take CARE of MYSELF. I end my days with flossing and brushing my teeth (with Pronamel) then I wash the make up of my face and I’m loving using the Make Up Eraser – SO SOFT on my face! I use some facial toner then put on some face lotion. I take out and toss out my daily contacts, put my glasses on, take my anti-depressant pill and hit the hay.

When I start the day, I love to put a few drops of AWAKE essential oils from Grove Collaborative.

I wake up to a soft alarm at 5am and hop right in the shower. I don’t mention this in the podcast, but… I should have! I love to drop in a few drops of essential oils right when I’m about to get in the hot water. I’ve been using the blend Awake from Grove Collaborative and I LOVE it! It makes me feel calm and at ease – highly recommend!!!! Once I’m in the shower I use a wonderfully delicious body wash that I got in one of my FabFitFun boxes – it smells so good and makes my skin feel amazing. Oh – and I use a $1 loofa!!!

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