The EN Studio

The EN Studio focuses on the power of you and your ability to effect others. The three main points we want to focus on are. Enhancement, Engagement and Encouragement.

Readable Hugs

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Taking care of #1

I  believe everyone deserves time to themselves!  I have enjoyed taking myself out for the day and once I even took myself on a weekend vacation to Arizona!  After years of telling my girlfriends to get out and do something for themselves, I named the activity!  Metreat!

The “Me”treat is a Retreat for “Me” – you!

You can choose to take yourself out to dinner for the evening, stay home and read a book or go away for the night or the weekend!  Whatever it is, you deserve it!  I always reccomend that you go away for at least one night, maybe two, by yourself to relax and rejuvenate yourselfe.  Of course I do understand we all have different families and time restraints, so I understand that a full days might be possible – right now – but there will always be time in the future.  Go ahead and plan on it!

For your Metreat you will need:
1)  A Journal & Pen (I use soft cover journals and colored pens)
2)  The Cell Phone App “Headspace” (For mental calming and meditation)
3)  Headphones
4)  Water Bottle (one with a fruit infusion is a great idea)
5)  “Me” – You!

**MeTreat Items will be available to purchase through our store!**

Project 31

What is Project 31? I’m glad you asked. The EN Studio has activities for you to choose to help you ENhance your life! These are Choose your Own Adventure.

*sample* COMMITMENT: By One Thirty One (January 31st, 2015) I, Melanie Grace, creator of The EN Studio, launched this project on a different website. It is my goal to reach as many lives as I can out there.  

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