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I mentioned this back in day when I talked about my real deal self-care practice. But now I want to go into a more in depth talk about why I love a certain body wash.

In full honesty, I am an affiliate of Sol Janeiro and can earn commissions if you click the links from this blog post and purchase some products for yourself. But more importantly I chose to be an affiliate with them because of how much I love the products that they offer!

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I like to do a light exploration everyday in the shower once the water is nice and warm I hop in and I put my Brazilian foreplay moisturizing shower cream gel on my loofah and scrub away. My favorite part is this smell! It smells so smooth and just comforting. I personally am not one that likes the smell of florals in my shower. And if I’m brutally honest I really hate the smell of roses. 🙂

The shower gel cream foams into this wonderful foam and easily goes over my entire body leaving me to smell deliciously fresh and clean. Once I’m out of the shower and I dry off I use the Brazilian bum bum cream and oh my gosh it is nice and thick it’s not oily it’s not thin it smells good and it quenches the moisture needed in my body.

Feel free to check it out yourself! I can highly recommend them and know that you will love them as much as I do.

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I LOVE to Create


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Forgettable and bad Mondays

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I just finished recording my most recent episode of The Melanie Grace show. and on this episode I started off wondering did anybody notice I didn’t post a podcast episode last week? Did anybody notice? Did you notice? Well just the mirror posing of that question took me to a very odd place where I then talk about how I feel that I am forgettable. So I invite you to head over to my YouTube channel and listen to the song that I wrote and releas ed a long long time ago called forgettable and this song is one that I wrote and I really meant.

My Original Song – Forgettable by Melanie Grace

Then I talk about not the way I want to start a Monday. Being a mother of two can be extremely exhausting and tiresome. Night terrors are horrifying for everyone involved. Kids sleeping in my bed and contorting my neck is very irritating. and eating breakfast never should be quite the challenge that it is on Monday mornings at 6:00 a.m.

Oh and I finished my quilt top for my scrappy hearts quilt along. my only thing is I can’t find the borders that I had previously cut and put in my project bag. now I have to come up with a creative solution for borders. I guess I could do a piece border but I really don’t want to do that. Or maybe I just scrapped the borders. Or maybe I just cut up a different fat quarter and make quarters of those I don’t know.

And that about wrapped it up! I hope you enjoyed the listen and if you haven’t you can catch it here.

Alo I want you to let you know that I’m partnering up with Sol Janeiro body products and man oh man I absolutely love their shower gel and their bum bum cream check out their most recent promotion on what you can get for hair care and their both love and cream. Seriously though when the winter is dry and your skin cracks his bum bum cream is the answer to all your dreams!

Seriously thought IT”S THE BEST!!!

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My Top 5 Amazon Products

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Part of my Daily Routine includes some amazing products that are great and affordable from Amazon! Here are my Top 5 Products I ALWAYS use!

My sister got this for me for Christmas and it LEGIT – CHANGED MY LIFE! On Wash My hair Days – I use this amazing hairstyling brush combo and my hair gets dry and styled in 5-7 minutes! a HUGE time saver and my Husband compliments me on my hair almost EVERY time I use it! This Revlon one is only $36 – A STEAL and well worth it! Check out my YouTube Video and watch me use it!

I use a Phillips SonicCare toothbrush as directed by my Dentist and Dental Hygienist. It is an AMAZING Toothbrush. Although, it is pricey – my teeth and gums say they’re worth it! You can get this one for $40 by clicking the image! There are so many interchangeable brush heads to fit your hygiene needs. These replacement brush heads are only $34

If you’re coming from YouTube Vlog or if you’re just now finding this, check out Crest’s White Strips! OMG, they whitened my Teeth within an hour and it was so noticeable and worth it! You’ve got to get your hands this! It only cost me $60! Or maybe you just need the strips! Click the image you’ll get 44 of these for $45!

I use a make-up sponge every day to put on my foundation and concealer. These Beakey make-up sponges are very much like Real Techniques and work great! click on the image and get yours for $9!

And No Day is complete with washing off your makeup! I use either these make-up removing wipes for only $9 or

My other Daily Skin Care products are from ORIGINS – and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

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