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Working Mom – Forgot Pump Part



I have been pumping twice a day for the past 4 months since I returned back to work after having my second baby.  I use the Medela Pump In Style Advance and I always back up the bag with 2 flanges, 2 funnels, 4 bottles and 1 ice pack.  But yesterday – OH MY!  I must have been rushing in the morning and spaced, I packed everything, but the funnels:

So, I was forced to hand express – not so much fun.  But thankfully, I keep a Hakaa silicon pump in my car for emergencies, and man did it come in handy!

Although it didn’t collect all my milk, it did help relieve me – if you know I’m saying 🙂

Being a working mom is hard, but thanks to Medela and Haakaa, I was able to take care of myself.  I am going on a business trip in 2 weeks and am looking into using Milk Stork.  Any ideas or advice?


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